Messy desk = Creative Mind? I hope so….

It is said that a messy desk can encourage creative thinking….Well, then my son must be another Picasso. Seriously. (the picture below was snapped this morning)

I do try and be “open” to creative flow and thinking. I’m a writer myself…and take the creative vibe very seriously. But I also have a stern, Swedish organization gene from my Mother (thank God), which makes clutter and dis-organization make me sweat. A little mess is OK…pic below is something else. In fact, below makes me think of my late father, who was a legend in his own right…Hall of Fame Iowa Girls B.B. Coach, Teacher, Outdoorsman…but by God, he did have a messy desk and den. That was legendary, too. Although he’s been gone 7 years now…Hayden remembers him well and fondly.

When asked to clean it up, my almost 17-year-old son informed me that Grandpa used to have a messy desk. And he always got a lot done.

Well played, Kid. Well played.


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