Cinema Under the Stars! MN. Parent Magazine-August 2015

Parent August 2015 Back to School / Birthday Party Issue   Compared to multiplex prices, drive-ins — which show all the latest movies — are ridiculously affordable with tickets topping out at $8.50 for adults for evening shows.     Cinema under the stars Minnesota’s drive-in movie theaters draw loyal families with affordable pricing, atmosphere […]

To Hoard or not to hoard? That is the question…..

Is your child a hoarder? (MN. Parent Magazine-May issue) By: Kelly Jo Mcdonnell How to tell when kid collections become unhealthy Moss-covered rocks. Dusty LEGO sets. Countless sticks, crammed into a corner. These are the “treasures” of my 11-year-old’s room. I’m well aware of his love for stuff. It’s a fun ritual when he’ll show […]

MN. Parent Magazine-Sept. Issue – Weekend hikes, near and far!

Hiking with kids is a great way to keep them connected to the outdoors, but it can be challenging for the parent planner. Take our advice: don’t choose anything too long or strenuous for your first couple of outings. For kids, the hike is about adventure. Pick a trail that has some features, whether it’s […]

Go wild

Go wild July 1, 2013-MN. Parent Magazine By: Kelly Jo Mcdonnell Reconnecting your kids with nature My son has a fort. It’s wedged between two evergreens in our backyard, and houses such treasures as slabs of wood and other knick-knacks. An old green army tarp hung by bungee cords serves as a wall. And while […]

Polo is the sport of kings….and kids!

Winston Churchill famously once said, “A polo handicap is your passport to the world.” When someone brings up Polo, one may have visions of sleek horses thundering down the grassy fields in London, England, or even Santa Barbara, California and Greenwich, Connecticut. One associates the sport with kings, not kids. So it came as a […]